Mobile Tracker Free: Everything You Need to Know:

mobile Tracker Free is a cell phone monitoring programming that permits you to know in detail what’s going on an Android cell phone. This application is easy to use, incorporates an entire scope of features and the entirety of this for free. The best alternative app is the mSpy app for tracking a cell phone.

Features of Mobile Tracker Review

  • Allows you to place blocking restrictions on the phone
  • Views all the photographs sent or got by the user
  • Reads all the MMS and SMS from the cellphone of the user
  • Alerts you of any reminder from the calendar
  • When a new contact is saved in the address book
  • Access to WhatsApp and Facebook texts without any need of rooting the phone
  • Views all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Tracks the location of the cellphone whenever
  • Controls the cellphone by handling it without really having the cellphone with you
  • Has a live screen ability

How Does the Mobile Tracker Free Work?

In a layman language, the mobile tracker free application analyses the information that it gets from the cellphones and surveys it to make an association. It is this precise information that is then replicated or sent to the person who is checking that cellphone. The cellphone has some matrixes that assist in the analysis of the information that they are accepting for the beneficiary cellphone. Relating the data from the one that has been given from the host cellphone, at that point it gets conceivable to know insights regarding the one you are observing.

How to Set Up or Install the Tracker

It’s very easy to install and set up the mobile tracker free. You ought to comprehend this is much the same as some other mobile application that works with a particular working system and should be installed. In this way, there are some vital advances that you have to follow for you to be in a situation to fix them. You have to guarantee that the empowering for unknown sources has been activated in your settings. This application isn’t downloaded from Google Play like different applications. Accordingly, your cellphone may identify it as perilous. You have to disable google play secure for you to install this application.

  1. Go to the mobile tracker application and make an account on the off chance that it is the first time when you are using it.
  2. Download the application itself and afterward install it on your cellphone.
  3. Using the account details, you had used login to your account and started utilizing the tracker application on your cellphone.
  1. Select the features that you might want to work for you by actuating the settings.
  2. Click on the “block” button that will show up on your screen to guarantee that your cellphone has been designed.
  3. Log in and begin observing the cellphone that has been connected.


Unlike a large number of the other mobile tracking applications like mSpy, the Android versions in huge numbers of the cellphones are what makes this component very valuable. These are simply the Android working system in any of the cellphones that are accessible for use. Be that as it may, the best is the Android 9 Pie, which happens to be one of the most recent in the business sectors today.